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We’re proud to be the best painting contractors in Kansas City, MO and beyond!

The Kansas City area is growing and developing, you’ve probably seen some of our work on your way home. You can trust us with painting your house to bring it back to life so that it brings the whole neighborhood back in line. The time for change has come!

Professional Interior Painting Kansas City

Cabinets are no challenge to our expert painters

We’re well-known for our work in painting cabinets. Our services include several options of finishes to choose from and we love to help our customers find the best option for their home. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction!

Premiere Interior Painting Services

We strive for a modern living space

Our interior painters can help create an atmosphere in your home or business that will make it more enjoyable. Interior painting is one of the many ways do this, and here are 3 things we like to focus on when deciding what color needs to be used: 

1) Mood – Picking colors based on moods can help to create the atmosphere you’re looking for. For example, if someone wants their space or room have high energy they should pick a red color scheme that will make them feel more energized and motivated!

 2) Space/Room Size- Choosing smaller spaces with lighter paint is an excellent idea because it allows natural light from windows into each room which animates them.

3) Color Palette- Combining different colors together might result in something beautiful

Create a space of elegance and beauty

Hiding permanent marks, minimizing dirt/dust, improving indoor air quality and increasing home value are just a few of the benefits waiting for you when we paint your interior. 

H&H Painting is Kansas City’s leading Interior Painting Contractor! 

We don’t spare anything including cost so that our customers can be 100% satisfied with their decision to hire us. You won’t regret giving up those old walls when they’re replaced by new ones from H&H – check out all these amazing reviews online now!

Why Choose Us

So many people in Kansas City are looking to hire a painting contractor and you’re one step closer. We strive for the best customer service, so rest assured we won’t let you down!

Qualified Expert

So many people in Kansas City are looking to hire a painting contractor and you're one step closer. We strive for the best customer service, so rest assured we won't let you down!

Flexible Schedule

H&H Painting is the best choice if you need a professional job. We offer flexible scheduling and still provide an exquisite experience with detailed workmanship.

Workmanship Quality

We work hard to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and we're confident you'll love them as much as we do.

Affordable Package

H&H Painting is the best option for all your painting needs. No matter what you're looking to do - indoor or outdoor, small space or large; we can handle it!

Quality Paint

H&H Painting uses the best paint available to ensure that your home looks its very best for years.

Color Expertise

As the world seems to be becoming more colorful, we want you to stand out in the crowd. With our expertise and guidance on color analysis, your business or home can reach its potential with a perfect balance of colors that fit its vision!

Start Your Interior Painting Project With Kansas City's Proven Painting Contractor!

H & H Painting is Kansas City’s proven painting contractor! We have been in business over the years, and our experienced team of painters will be there every step along the way.

We offer interior paint services to residential customers across the metro area including:
– Offering free estimates with no obligation to hire us based on that estimate
– Preparing your room or space before we begin work by taping off any areas not being painted so you don’t feel like it has a “surprise” waiting around each corner
– Cleaning up after ourselves at completion of project