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Our objective is to deliver a high-quality paint job in the most hassle-free and convenient manner possible. We exclusively utilize the top-of-the-line painting brands, providing you with complete peace of mind when it comes to picking your color!

You’ve undoubtedly seen some of our work on your way home if you live in the Kansas City region. You can rely on us to touch up your house so that it may be rejuvenated, and the community may return to harmony once again!

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H & H Painting’s professional painters provide high-quality, cost-effective painting services for your home or business that are simple and stress-free.

We can help you get your painting project on track. If you’ve wanted to paint your house but haven’t because of work, family, or other home improvement projects, it’s time to call the professionals at H & H Painting of Kansas City. We’ve earned the respect and trust of Kansas City homeowners by providing superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. We provide house painting services in Lee’s Summit, Independence, Liberty, and surrounding areas.

When your property needs an update, you can trust our team to provide the most professional and high-quality work possible.

We will contact you in order to make a time for us both that is convenient for everyone involved; this way we can assess any potential painting or other services needed on site so as not leave anything undone.

The amount will be determined by the size and material of your home. If you want expert painters from H & H Painting to assist you with repainting your entire exterior, contact us for assistance.

This is determined by the kind and brand of paint you select. Most home paints and stains are only allowed to be used in temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius) or higher. If the outside surface is too cold, it might cause staining or mildew on your home’s surface. If you’re painting the outside of your home yourself, it’s important to know that there are various factors to consider. You may want to hire a professional crew for outdoor painting in order to get the job done correctly. H & H Painting provides you with a free estimate!

The most suitable time to paint your home is in the summer or fall. This is due to the fact that there is less rain and temperature changes from night to day. Painting at the right times will ensure that the paint cures properly and quickly.

exterior painting kansas city

Our Painting Professional Process

Our Exterior Painters Pay Attention to Every Detail

We have a standard painting technique that results in consistent, high-quality outcomes. We use the greatest paints and surfaces available to guarantee excellent craftsmanship, while also considering your ideas for color schemes or desired style.



We don’t just paint the walls and call it a day. We examine each job carefully to guarantee that you are happy with what we do for your company or home.



After that, we sand and prime the surface. We also patch nail holes, drywall patches, and do some sanding when needed.



We provide a large selection of paint alternatives to fit your demands. Whether you want high-quality products or the perfect hue, we’ve got you covered



Our cleaning crew is skilled in leaving your property spotless. There’s no tape or spilled paint on the floor, and we’ll make sure you can use it as soon as possible!

Why Should You Paint the exterior of Your House?

It is possible to make a good investment by having our fantastic house painters in Kansas City paint your property. There’s no better-changing action than choosing to decorate your home with vivid, vibrant hues or pleasant, warming notes.

exterior painting kansas city
exterior painting kansas city
exterior painting kansas city

Our Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting Kansas City

Take a look at your home’s exterior. Any area that is in need of improvement, whether it’s stained, crumbling, chipped, or peeling paint, might be improved with a fresh coat of paint! H & H Painting’s professional exterior house painters have extensive expertise in painting every form of outdoor surface, from wood to metal.

Our Exterior Painting Services:

Exterior Painting Kansas City Color Consultation

Meet our creative color experts

Choosing the appropriate colors may be one of the most challenging aspects of the task. You don’t have to go it alone! We’d be delighted to sit down with you and discuss which colors would look best in your house.

Our specialists will guide you through the fundamentals of home paint color schemes and suggestions, as well as assist you in selecting the perfect hues for your house.

Exterior Painting Kansas City - H & H Painting

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H & H Painting is Kansas City’s proven painting contractor! We have been in business over the years, and our experienced team of painters will be there every step along the way. We offer exterior paint services to residential & commercial customers across the metro area, including:

Exterior painting Kansas City

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