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Kansas City is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a painting contractor with experience in different projects from commercial buildings to residential homes. Our painters have an excellent track record when it comes to providing high quality workmanship that reflects their professionalism and integrity at every turn of job completion. We offer competitive pricing options as well as expert interior or exterior paint jobs on your property – we can handle any type of project!

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Commercial Painting

The Kansas City area is in need of a painting contractor who has the skills and experience to get projects done on time, within budget, and with amazing results.



Residential Painting

Relying on Homeowners who want to make sure that they are hiring the right company to handle their painting should rely on a professional paint contractor.



Interior Painting

We understand there’s a lot of work out there and you might be tempted to “DIY”. But, don’t worry! We’ve got an incredible team who is ready right now to help transform your home at the best price in less time than it would take for one person alone.


Exterior Painting

We know that you want the exterior of your home to look perfect. Let us help by taking care of this for you! We have experienced painters who can paint any surface or style and we are happy to work with homes in any size, shape, and location as well.

Why Choose Us

So many people in Kansas City are looking to hire a painting contractor and you’re one step closer. We strive for the best customer service, so rest assured we won’t let you down!

Quality Paint

H & H Painting uses the best paint available to ensure that your home looks its very best for years.

Workmanship Quality

We work hard to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and we're confident you'll love them as much as we do.

Qualified Expert

We have a highly trained team of experts who are knowledgeable in every detail. We encourage our staff to work hard and give their best effort on each project they undertake.

Flexible Schedule

H & H Painting is the best choice if you need a professional job. We offer flexible scheduling and still provide an exquisite experience with detailed workmanship.

Affordable Package

H & H Painting is the best option for all your painting needs. No matter what you're looking to do - indoor or outdoor, small space or large; we can handle it!

Color Expertise

As the world seems to be becoming more colorful, we want you to stand out in the crowd. With our expertise and guidance on color analysis, your business or home can reach its potential with a perfect balance of colors that fit its vision!

Our unmatched customer satisfaction is what sets us apart!

There’s no better way to make your property stand out than hiring a professional painter. If you live in Kansas City, H & H Painting is the best choice for quality work at competitive prices.

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When your property needs an update, you can trust our team to provide the most professional and high-quality work possible.

We will contact you in order to make a time for us both that is convenient for everyone involved; this way we can assess any potential painting or other services needed on site so as not leave anything undone.

We’re experts in Sherwin-Williams paint products.

We’ve been using there products since we started painting houses/businesses and we know what we’re talking about when it comes to creating the best painting service possible .

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We are a team of professional painters that can travel to the location you need us and provide top quality work for less than market price!.

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